Language Settings

Medis currently offers interface options in the following languages:

  • English

  • Simplified Chinese.

We are progressively expanding our multilingual support, prioritizing additional languages based on user feedback.

By default, Medis aligns with your system's language. Consequently, if your device is set to English, Medis will display its interface in English. In instances where your system's language is unsupported, Medis will default to English.

Change Language

You can override language setting for Medis specifically to make it show in a different language.

  1. Open macOS system settings.

  2. Find General -> Language & Region.

  3. Click "+" button under "Applications" section (see the screenshot below).

  1. Pick "Medis" in the application selector, and choose the language you want Medis to show in (see the screenshot below).

  1. Quit and re-open Medis to apply the change.

The system settings window might look different depending on your macOS version. If you are using an older version of macOS, your system settings may look like the screenshot below. In that case, you need to the "Apps" tab (highlighted in the red box).

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