Medis 2 User Guide

Content Rules

By default, Medis try to pick the best encoder and viewer based on the key content. However, the detection can be failed in some cases. Also, due to performance reasons, the auto-detection doesn't take custom encoders into consideration. Because these reasons, Medis provides content rules to configure encoders/viewers explicitly based on key names or types.

Create a New Rule

To create a new rule, open the connection config modal and select the content rules tab.
Click the + button to create a new rule.


There are two conditions, and only when the two conditions are satisfied at the same time, the preferred viewer and encoder will apply. If the key name pattern is left empty, all key names pass the condition.
The key name pattern supports glob rules like * and ?.


You can set either viewer or encoder or both of them. "Auto" is Medis's default behavior. For Hash/List/Set/Sorted Set keys, the viewer/encoder will be applied to their fields.