Delete Confirmation Dialog

To avoid inadvertent deletion of keys, Medis, by default, presents a confirmation dialog when a key deletion is initiated via the GUI.

While this feature is useful, it can slightly hinder the speed of your workflow in a development environment. Here's how you can improve this:

Enable Shortcut

In macOS's default setting, users have to click the delete button explicitly to confirm the deletion. However, you can enable the shortcut to move the focus from the "Cancel" button to "Delete" button so that you can confirm the deletion with your keyboard.

To enable this feature, open System Settings, navigate to Keyboard panel, and enable "Keyboard navigation".

Once this shortcut is enabled, you can rely on the Tab key to shift focus to the Delete button, and the Enter key to authenticate the deletion.

Disable Confirmation Dialog

Medis also offers an option to deactivate the confirmation dialog for each separate connection, reducing the steps for key deletion. You can modify this setting by accessing the connection setting found in the toolbar.

In the setting window, uncheck the Delete confirmation checkbox:

This modification only applies to the current connection, preserving the delete confirmations for other connections.

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