Welcome to Medis 2

Medis is a modern, delightful, and professional Redis GUI. It's designed and developed by Redis experts, making it trustworthy even in critical situations.

Notable Features

Support all key types

Medis works great with strings, lists, hashes, sets, sorted sets, streams, and even some third-party modules like RedisJSON. With the beautiful UI, users can manage all data delightfully.

Command query

Medis provides a query view to run arbitrary commands. It highlights keywords to make everything super clear.

Tree view for key lists

Medis follows conventions of Redis community, shows a tree view to category keys as you wish.

High performance

Medis is designed to work with millions of keys and fields without blocking servers.

Alert mode

Medis provides the alert mode to make sure you're safe when working with production databases. Every writeable command sent to servers will need your approval explicitly.

Support JSON/MessagePack

Medis recognizes different data formats automatically so don't worry if you are using MessagePack to reduce memory usage.

SSH tunnel and SSL

Medis allows you to connect to remote servers with SSH tunnel, and it works great with SSL mode.

Dark mode

Of course, Medis supports dark mode!

Have a question?

We are using GitHub to manage issues. Feel free to submit one on https://github.com/luin/medis/issues for feature requests and bug reports.

Additionally, you can contact us via email: medis@zihua.li.

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